Red Birches Glen Devon
Oil on canvas board
Available as an A6 postcard and as a 6" x 8" print.

This is at Castlehill Resevoir and Steele's Knowe
Original Oil on Canvas A1 sized donated to charity auction.

I was a little disappointed when I discovered that this resevoir was man made rather than an natural loch. The engineers must have done a brilliant job as it looks entirely natural and surrounded by wildlife. The other brilliance is the water. Even on a not-blue-sky day the water is a bright cobalt blue. I thought if I painted it like that 'no-one' would believe me so I toned it down considerably with reflected colour from the trees. To see this view drive or walk from Yetts o' Muckhart to Tormaukin Inn, Glendevon. A short gentle stroll.
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